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Crafting inspiration: meet Amy Latta of One Artsy Mama

(Last Updated On: April 3, 2023)

Amy Latta, also known as One Artsy Mama, is a passionate and inspiring crafter, jewelry maker, and blogger. Her blog features craft and home decor projects that are “Honestly Doable,” kids’ projects that are “Honestly Teachable,” style tips and DIY jewelry that are “Honestly Wearable,” and much more. Her goal is to inspire her online community with honest and attainable inspiration for everyday life.

Passion for creating

Amy has always had a love for creating and crafting. She was introduced to the world of craft blogging when she was searching for a St. Patrick’s Day craft idea for a play date she was hosting for her son, who was two years old at the time. She stumbled upon a blog called “That Artist Woman,” which was full of holiday craft ideas for kids. This experience sparked her interest in blogging and gave her an outlet for her creativity.

Growing community

“At the time, I had quit my full-time job to stay at home with my son, so I was looking for an outlet,” Amy explains. “I decided to give blogging a try, and I never imagined it becoming any sort of business or source of income. It was totally going to be my hobby, and I just hoped to inspire a few people through it. If you had told me then that today I’d have an online community of over 30,000 readers, I would never have believed it.”

One Artsy Mama has become a full-time job for Amy, and she spends almost the entire time her son is in school creating and photographing projects, editing pictures, writing posts, and promoting them. Her daily life is completely different now from what it used to be, and she can’t imagine what her life would look like at this point if she weren’t doing this.

Drawing inspiration

Amy is inspired by things she sees, whether it’s on Pinterest, other blogs, or in a store. Often, she’ll see something for sale like a piece of jewelry or home decor and it gets the wheels in her brain turning about how she could create something similar but with her own spin. Sometimes just seeing individual craft materials inspires her because she can “see” in her mind what they could become.

Her blog has changed her life in more ways than just the daily workload. It has opened doors for her that she never thought possible. She has had the opportunity to work with companies and brands that she loves and admires, and she has been able to share her creativity and passion with others in a meaningful way.

“I love when people tell me that they were inspired by something I created or that they tried one of my projects and it turned out great,” Amy says. “That’s the best feeling in the world, knowing that I can inspire someone else to be creative and try something new.”

Advice for mom bloggers

Amy’s advice for mothers who want to start a blog is to set boundaries for themselves about how much time they’re going to dedicate to their blog. It’s important to decide when you will be “off duty” and present with your family because this job would gladly take up every minute of your time. She also advises starting out on WordPress, even though Blogger is free.

“If I could talk to the newbie blogger version of myself, I would tell her not to get discouraged,” Amy says. “I promise your audience will be bigger than just your mom. You’ll see.”

One Artsy Mama is a reflection of Amy’s passion for creativity, her love for her family, and her desire to inspire others. She continues to share her honest inspiration for everyday life with her online community, and she hopes to inspire others to find their own creativity and passion along the way.