DIY no weave tapestry

DIY Hack: no-weave tapestry

(Last Updated On: April 3, 2023)

In recent years, fringe tapestries have stolen the spotlight. They’re perfect for decorating a large wall or creating a unique focal piece for a room.

For a ridiculously easy way to create a tapestry on the cheap, check out this clever DIY hack. You won’t even need to learn how to weave! Don’t believe us? Keep reading to learn how.

What You Will Need

  • Hand-woven accent rug *
  • 2 skeins chunky yarn **
  • Rope (30 feet)
  • Gold café rod
  • Jute twine
  • 5.50 1/9 crochet hook
  • Heavy duty scissors
  • Hot glue gun

* This project uses a navy zigzag chenille/jute rug
** This project used Loops & Threads Woollike Chunky yarn in Navy Blue Marine. Choose a color that matches with your rug.


1. Cut one end of the rug off and unravel 7-8 inches upwards. Set the excess chenille and jute aside. This will leave thin fringe layer for the bottom of the tapestry.

2. Tie the fringe in a double knot every 2 inches across the edge to keep the rug. This will keep it from unraveling.

3. Turn the rug over and add a heavy line of hot glue across the bottom edge – and above the fringe – to strengthen the rug. This will prevent it from unraveling even further.

To bulk up the fringe, take the discarded blue chenille and cut it into 14-inch (or longer) strips (example: if your desired fringe length is 7 inches, cut the rope/chenille to 14 inches). To add the fringe, tie a simple Larks Head Knot. (Use yarn if you run out of chenille).

4. Fold the chenille in half. Take the crochet needle and loop it under a woven thread in the edge of rug. Grab the chenille with the crochet hook and pull the loop of the chenille under the thread.

5. Take the loose ends of the chenille, thread them through the loop and pull to tighten.

To make the jute fringe, unravel the rope to make thin strands. Trim to double your desired fringe length, as shown above. Pull apart the layers of the rope and add them via Larks Head Knot individually.

How to Hang Up Your Tapestry

At the top end of your rug, use the scissors to rip out the seam/banded edge. Unroll and fold it over, so that the cafe rod can slide right through. The raw edge can be hot glued to the back side of the rug.

If the rug does not have a seam/banded edge, simply fold the edge over and secure with hot glue. Insert the cafe rod, cut a long piece of jute twine and tie it to each end. Hang it up and admire your brand new décor.

Don’t forget-  you can also trim the end of the fringe into a zig zag or slanted edge. You can also leave it as is. It’s totally up to you!

Who says you need fancy equipment or years of weaving experience to create beautiful tapestries? With this DIY hack, you can make your own gorgeous wall hanging without even picking up a needle and thread!

Not only is it a fun and creative project to tackle, but it’s also a great way to add a unique touch to your home decor.

So grab some colorful yarn, a sturdy branch, and let your imagination run wild as you create your own no-weave tapestry masterpiece. Your walls will thank you!