Anne Payetta White Lace Cottage interview

Anne Payetta: DIY Queen who can transform any space

(Last Updated On: April 3, 2023)

Anne Payetta, the creator of the blog “White Lace Cottage”, has become a reference for lovers of interior design and shabby chic decoration.

Her style, which is characterized by rustic finishes and pastel colors, has won the hearts of thousands of people who follow her blog.

In this story, we delve into her background, creative process, and advice for aspiring decorators.

Beginning of the DIY journey

Anne’s journey began when her niece suggested that she start a decorating blog. Despite being completely new to photography, editing, and writing, Anne took the plunge and began sharing her experiences and insights on decorating.

Today, White Lace Cottage is a must-read and must-watch for anyone who loves to decorate, with posts that inspire readers with DIY projects, home tours, makeup, and decoration tips.

Drawing inspiration

Anne’s inspiration comes from various sources. She used to find most of her inspiration in magazines, but nowadays, she relies heavily on Pinterest, where she has many boards dedicated to different topics, such as shabby chic decoration and recipes. Anne’s love of decoration and creation goes back to her childhood. She remembers her grandparents taking her to flea markets and garage sales, where she would find special treasures with very little money. Art has always been a part of her life, and she spends hours drawing pictures or creating art in some fashion.

DIY projects, crafts, and renovation are a fundamental part of Anne’s life. She considers herself an artist, and her home is her canvas. She loves to use paint to give new life to old pieces of furniture, and she has just created a pastel signature paint line that perfectly reflects her style.

Anne shares that her husband has always been very supportive of her creative endeavors, and she considers herself blessed to have him by her side.

True to style

Staying true to her style and brand is essential for Anne. Her advice to other bloggers is to be themselves and make their style shine through. Anne is influenced by Rachel Ashwell and her Shabby Chic style, but she is not her, and she does not want to be her.

She believes that bloggers should be influenced by other bloggers but make it their own. This is why when Anne shares something, her readers say, “Oh, that’s so White Lace Cottage.”

Paints, paints, paints

When it comes to materials, paint is Anne’s favorite. She loves how a fresh coat of paint can bring an old piece of furniture or a room back to life. Anne recently created a pastel signature paint line, which includes soft colors that are signature to her style.

If someone wants to incorporate more shabby chic rustic decor into their home, Anne recommends starting with the background color of the room. White is the best choice for a paint color in a shabby chic home, and from there, one can add any color of furniture that adds some texture or a little color.

Anne prefers soft faded pastel colors such as pinks, greens, blues, and white. When decorating, Anne always tries to use pieces that can be repurposed, such as an old ironstone pitcher that can be used as a vase or to store utensils in the kitchen.

Anne Payetta is an inspiration for anyone who loves interior decorating and shabby chic decor. Her blog, White Lace Cottage, is a must-read for anyone looking for decoration tips and inspiration. Anne’s journey shows that it is never too late to start something new, and that creativity has no limits.

Her advice to aspiring decorators is to be themselves, make their style shine through, and always try to think outside the box.